Calvary Bible Academy Covid -19 Response

As we look forward to another school year, our goal remains the same: to assist parents in the education of their children and to influence their children for Christ. Our commitment to giving students a high-quality education and Christ centered environment has not changed during these difficult times.  To that end, Calvary Bible Academy has developed a plan to return to school in person for the academic year of 2020-2021.  Calvary Bible Academy will endeavor to provide a safe and healthy environment in which your children can learn not only academically but spiritually and socially as well.

These guidelines apply to all members of our academy, including staff, students, parents, and guests. Although this plan establishes procedures and policies and is guided common sense the latest federal regulations and state and local health recommendations, it is subject to change as conditions progress. We will continue to be deliberate and responsive in our plans, but as we move forward, it is essential to remember that a healthy environment is a shared responsibility. Our success is contingent upon the active participation of every person associated with the Academy to follow the guidelines outlined in this plan responsibly.

Pastor Stacey Wilder – Administrator

Pastor Nathan Wilder – Principal

Please clink on link to see detailed Covid 19 policy academy

COVID-19 School Reopening Guidelines


  • Temperatures will be taken each morning when students arrive. Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home. It is suggested that you monitor temperatures at home.  Please do not send child if they are sick.  (below 100 without fever reducing medicine)
  • Masks are required where social distancing is not possible. We ask that each student have at least one mask available in case a need arises. Individuals with a medical condition that would prevent them from wearing a face may receive an exemption. Parental Guidelines will be considered.
  • Mask shaming is not allowed. We will follow parent request.
  • Students will be asked to wear masks for certain activities on or off school grounds.
  • Students will be asked to wear masks while arriving and going to daily screening.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are widely distributed across facilities and encouraged for use.
  • Proper social distancing guidelines should be followed in all settings.
  • Special accommodations will be offered to high-risk individuals, AS identified by CDC.
  • We have provided for safe social distancing at lunch time so students will be able to enjoy fellowship.


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