Missionary Speaker

We are honored to have Missionary Garan Patrick and his wife Anneliese with us this Sunday. They will presenting their burden for the country of Nigeria. Brother Garan will also be speaking during our chapel service at Calvary Bible Academy.

Sunday September 20 evening service at 6:00 pm

Wednesday Prayer meeting service at 7:00 pm

 In their own words, “We are going to be church-planting missionaries in the country of Nigeria, which is home to 200 million people.  Out of over 50 countries in Africa, Nigeria is the most populated country, and comprises 1/7 of the entire population of the continent.  Currently, there are only four Independent Baptist church-planting missionaries in the country.  That is one for every 50 million people.  By the way, 50 million people is the equivalent of 2,636 NBA arenas filled to capacity.”

Special Sunday Speaker

This Sunday Calvary Bible Church will be having two special speakers. Brother Dominic Burkhard will be speaking during our Sunday school hour and our Morning worship service. Brother Burkhard will be preaching and teaching about our, “World Biblical View,” and our opportunities as Christian in America.

Bro. Dominic has a ministry endeavoring to reach our legislature for Christ. Dominic desires to see pastors across the state building genuine relationships with their legislators through prayer, encouragement, and appreciation. To be a continual presence at the Capitol not just through pastors across the state visiting their legislators, but through the frequent visits by Pastor Dom. Capitol Connection

Special Meetings ~ Mike Manor

Calvary Bible Church will be having Evangelist Mike Manor for special meetings starting November 1- November 4. Mike will be preaching during our Sunday services and Monday – Wednesday night.

Mike’s music Ministry and testimony: Mike Manor Music was formed January 2009 after a brief time of illness. I was reminded that time is short. My fear of man and fear of failure kept me from doing what I should have done years ago-make my songs available for the edification of believers.
My life was changed dramatically after receiving Jesus Christ as my savior in 1975. From singing at Disney World, Royal Caribbean Cruise Company and Holiday Inns to now using my music and my life to honor the Lord. It is such a privilege and a blessing to serve the Lord.
Mike Manor Music is divided into three groups: Sacred, Children’s and Fun Stuff. The sacred division has music to edify believers and help further the cause of Jesus Christ. The children’s music is written to help build character and develop Christlikeness hopefully having fun at the same time. Last we have the fun stuff division. Here we have hard to find clean, safe, and family friendly music. Usable music for all kinds of activities.
Above all, with Mike Manor Music, I seek to give a message from the heart that reaches the heart for Christ.

Fifth Sunday Fellowship

Fifth Sunday Fellowship this Sunday August 30, 2020.  We will be having Sunday School at 10:00.  Mark Peppel will be teaching from Romans Chapter 1.  Our Morning service is at 11:00 and the message will be from Luke 18, Suffer the little Children.  We will have a carrying in lunch after the service.  We will have an afternoon service and Pastor Nathan will be preaching.  Have a great week.


Home Coming Sunday

The last two months have been a challenge for all in our church and country.  As a church, we like most Americans have been willing and were ready to help and protect our fellow a Americans during this pandemic by sheltering in place and practice social distancing.  As a church and a nation we had never been through anything like this before in our life time.  We have learned, prayed, and endured many, many times. Having bent the curve by following many unusual and sometimes difficult requests we are now ready as a church family to come home.   Practicing Safe Services

May 31, 2020  Opening Both Services

Sunday Morning Service        11:00 am

Sunday Evening Service            6:00pm

Homecoming-Sunday (1)

Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meeting May 20, 2020

7:00 PM

Calvary Bible Church

We are resuming our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting in person at the church.  We will continue to live stream the service, but we are encouraging you to be a part of our service.  Let’s join together in praying and ask God to work in our lives, church, and community.

  1. Prayer is not an exercise, it is the life.
  2. Our prayers are heard, not because we are in earnest, not because we suffer, but because Jesus suffered.
  3. Prayer is not logical, it is a mysterious moral working of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Get a place for prayer where no one imagines that that is what you are doing. Shut the door and talk to God.
  5. It is impossible to conduct your life as a disciple without definite times of secret prayer.
  6. It takes a tremendous amount of reiteration on God’s part before we understand what prayer is. We do not pray at all until we are at our wits’ end.

Quotes by Oswald Chambers


Church Response to Covid19

Calvary Bible Church Response and Policies as we safely reinstate in person services.



Starting May 3, 2020 we will resume our morning service which will begin at 11:00 am.  During the continued stay at home and shelter in place that that Governor Whitmer  has currently placed the citizens of Michigan until May 15, 2020.   The leadership of Calvary Bible Church believes that we can safely meet while practicing social distancing.  We under stand that EACH family dynamic will be different and we will support you in your choices.  We will continue to live stream and phone conference each service.   We will add more services throughout the month of May.  We are asking High Risk members to remain home during the first opening stages.

Sunday Morning service  May 3  at 11:00 am  you are welcome to come and worship with us at the church building.  We look forward to the reunion Sunday.

Complete information for the starting of Church services May 3, 2020

“Consistent with prior guidance, a place of religious worship, when used for religious worship, is not subject to penalty under section 14,”reads the new order. Section 14 refers to the part of the order that makes violations a misdemeanor.

Church Exemption

Fellowship Opportunities at Calvary

Mondays Ladies fellowship and Bible Sharing @ 1:15   Call 701-802-5430    Call for code.   Same code from week to week.  Free conference call program just use your phone.


Tuesday  Praise and Prayer Starts at 6:30 pm .  Families well and encourage.  We miss seeing our families and this program helps,  We had folks form Florida, North Carolina and plan to have more states join us tomorrow.  Come join us and hear from church familyzoom

Wednesday we have our live streaming prayer service.  We will be having our summer internJoel Springs Live Stream preaching for us this Wednesday night. Starts at 7:00 pm.

Thursday at 9:15 we will be using the free conference call program to have a Men’s Prayer meeting.   Call 701-802-5430   call or test for code

Thursday at 6:15 anyone can call free conference call program to have a church prayer meeting all are invited to call and share burdens and prayer request.  701-802-5430  call of text for security code.


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