Joel Springs is no stranger to the ministry of Calvary Bible Church. We first met Joel when he started as a freshman in our Academy. He was a good student with a willing and helpful spirit. Joel graduated from Calvary Bible Academy in 2017. Upon graduation Joel attended Pensacola Christian Collage. It was while at PCC Joel started interning for our church during his summer breaks. Some of the summers he interned at Calvary and worked at Meijer’s in Stevensville, Michigan. He is a busy, hard working young man. Joel graduated from PCC this past spring with a degree in Bible. Joel was planning to attend PCC for a Master’s degree. While waiting to start grad school, Joel went to serve the Lord at Northland Camp in Wisconsin. Northland is a summer camp designed to minister to junior and teen campers. It was while at Northland, Joel began to have some health problems and was encouraged to go home to find medical answers. The following testimony is in Joel’s own words.

“Dear family at Calvary Bible church. The past week has been filled with quite a bit of information overload. It is also been filled with talk about medication, treatment plans, shots, procedures, and much more. Through it all though I have seen one thing day after day and that is the always present grace of God. I found out this last Wednesday that I have leukemia. Given the events of the past month, it was kind of refreshing knowing that there was some thing officially wrong with me. After years of people telling me Something is wrong with me, it’s nice having an official diagnosis. 😉

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much. The prayers and support of this church family has meant more than you can possibly know and it’s a huge encouragement to my family and I. Each day I am seeing God’s hand and he’s giving opportunity every day to express his faithfulness to those around me. I am so thankful for the prayers of God’s people and that we can boldly and confidently come before Him anytime!

By Gods grace, I hope to be able to return home Friday as long as my numbers continue to go the way the doctors are hoping they will. Following that I will need to return once every Friday and a few Wednesdays for the rest of this first month of treatment. Please pray for the Lord’s continued faithfulness and that He would give opportunities to share His Word with those around me so that His name may be glorified and honored and please pray that I would be the right testimony that I need to be for Him!

Thank you again for the prayers. The church is in my prayers and I love you folks and how the Lord is working at Calvary Bible Church.”

In Christ,

Joel Springs

We are setting up a fund at Calvary Bible Church to help Joel and his family with the medical expenses. All funds that come into this account will go to Joel and his family to help them financially during this time. Many have reached out to us to ask how they might help his family during this time therefore we are setting up this fund. You can log on our giving tab and give to this effort. Just follow links and designate the gift to Joel in the “OTHER” category. Thanks for your love and concern for Joel and his family. Giving to help Joel.

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