I would like to announce that all three of my books in the “Old Sodus” series are now available for your Kindle reader. Just click on the icons and it will take you directly to the website or go to Amazon.com and scroll down to the Kindle Store category and type in “Old Sodus”. Each book has a “look inside” feature so you can peruse the contents. The price is $5.95 each and you can be reading it in minutes. Also, it is still available in paperback for $12.95 each.
I have taken a hiatus from the OS series to work on a historical fiction novel which I am in the final stages of writing and editing. I will then concentrate on Volume 4 of the OS series of which I am well into having it half written. I have plenty of material and in fact, I must decide which is best left for a Volume 5. I hope everyone can “take a read” on these books, especially with the new Kindle option. Their purpose is to honor Christ and provide an alternative to some of the stuff that is out there. Thanks.
Michael Leonard Jewell


At Home In Old Sodus (Old Sodus Series)