To Calvary Bible Church family and community, So much has changed in the last 48 hours and even in the last 24 hours. After much prayer and counsel, we have made a decision on how we will conduct our worship for the next two weeks. It has been a challenge to determine what is the correct course of action, but we believe God has given the leadership of Calvary Bible Church a proper response to our present situation. We will be having online services rather than congregating in our facilities. Collectively, if everyone takes the responsibility together, it only makes sense that we will be closer to eliminating the risk that heightens in crowds. At first the President and his team were asking us not to congregate in crowds of more than 50, then quickly it was moved to crowds no more than ten.
For decades, whenever Calvary Bible Church people have come together, our affection for one another has always been very expressive, from a firm handshake to loving hugs. Last Sunday, it felt like we were a bunch of kids who were sent into timeout, as we longingly looked at each other in frustration, rather than warmly greet one another.
Churches are currently faced with the challenge of being able to gather as a church body. But, churches don’t just assemble, we’re also commissioned to give, pray, witness, care, and more!

Live Stream Services

Live Stream Service dates and times.
March 18 7:00pm
March 22 11:00am & 6:00pm
March 25 7:00pm
March 29 11:00am &  1:30 live, 6:00pm recorded

Three ways to give”

1,  Giving  Online

2.  Giving on your smart phone:   Text: Give          To: 269-222-7474 and follow instructions

3.  Mail:   Calvary Bible Church

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