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The Covid-19 virus has brought significant challenges to us, our community, and our nation. We have been reminded of human limitations and sinfulness as well as the sovereignty and goodness of God. After much prayer, counsel, and discussion over whether we should assemble this Lord’s Day or not, we have concluded that it is best for us not to meet for worship. While we will certainly miss the joy of gathering for worship, we make this decision in faith trusting it is pleasing to the Lord. We want you to understand how we have come to this decision and the basis on which we will be evaluating what we do going forward.

No federal, state, or local governments should mandated that churches shut down our public gatherings. We have listened carefully to the statements coming from President Trump and Governor Whitmire as they have declared states of emergency in our nation and in Michigan. We have also studied the Center for Disease Control guidelines for gathering in groups. As you know, when a church meets for worship it is not merely a social gathering. It is an assembly of people called by God, saved by Jesus, and empowered by His Spirit for the purpose of testifying to the greatness and glory of our Triune God as we hear from His Word.


Though the civil government has not issued a mandate that churches not meet during this time, both governmental authorities have encouraged limiting group gatherings. We understand them to be exercising their best judgment in offering short-term guidelines for the welfare of everyone in our nation. They have access to medical experts who, though not infallible, have information and understanding that most citizens (including us) do not have. These guidelines have been encouraged as a means of slowing down the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus. The governmental authorities have not singled out churches in making these recommendations. These guidelines are not sinful. On the contrary, they seem to be prudent.